I’ve thought a lot about what to name this post that commemorates Women Overboard!’s 10,000th hit, and the fact that Mindy and I have been sharing our thoughts, our lives, and our antics with you for almost two years. In fact, I’ve thought about it so long we are almost up to 10,500 hits.

The volume of hits is nice even though we haven’t exactly gone viral. But that was never our intention as we first threw out the idea of a blog while brainstorming over wine in fall 2010. We wanted a small, interesting, and like-minded audience, and we are so happy to have made that connection with you.

The exception, of course, is FACES, smiley, a ridiculous post I wrote about emoticons that yields at least 25 hits a day, and sometimes as many as 75, from all over the world. That cheerful and insidious yellow face is beginning to feel like the guest that refuses to leave. What about world peace and global warming? Or, on the local level, more personal issues that matter. Shall we FOCUS?

Maybe FRENZY would be a good theme for this post, considering both our tendencies to multitask. FANATIC, perhaps, as relates to tennis for me, and health and nutrition for Mindy, or even FROSTY, which describes my new air-conditioned bedroom, which is FANTASTIC.

FRANTIC suits me especially as I try to meet deadlines AND chauffer around someone who shall not be named who is out of school for the summer and has a very active social life.

FEELINGS is always a nice standby, as we explore more personal topics that, come to think of it, neither of us plan to share, or maybe FERVENT, which is the care I give to my ongoing spiritual metamorphosis. I think many of our posts have been FRANK, and, possibly, even FEARLESS, and, certainly, FUNNY, at times.

And I feel proud that I was even able to come up with a post for my favorite title, F, WT? – just because I thought it was funny, clever (if I do say so myself) and, of course, started with F, which is always convenient when you are desperate for a title in a blog based on F words.

No, I think this post will be labeled FAST FRIENDS … because, actually, in addition to this moment we commemorate, today’s post is a celebration of my longstanding friendship with Mindy, who I met at my very first newspaper so long ago, and who has remained in my top tier of people to be FOREVER, thankful for. AND, it’s her birthday, so what better day to throw confetti and FAWN all over her.

Over the coming year, we will continue to hang by our FINGERNAILS as we weather what life throws at us. And we will endeavor to prove to you, through our stories, that the FORTIES and FIFTIES – just as we have learned for ourselves — are FRUITFUL, FABULOUS, FUN, and never, ever FORGETTABLE.


About Michele

I am a freelance writer with three kids, two cats, and a dog with thyroid disease. I'm bouncing back from a divorce and making the most of every day. There is so much beauty around me. I am grateful!
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