FOGEY, old


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There’s an old saying about the pot calling the kettle black that has always confused me, mostly because I wasn’t entirely sure what it meant. But today I was reminded of that adage, which I take to mean “point the finger at someone else and you will find it pointing right back at you, bub.”

If I say the name “Adele,” you know right away who I am taking about. Lovely British singer. Voice like a nightingale. Songs all over the radio and belted out in every shower in America. I sing along in the car … “We could have had it allllllllllllllllllllllI …”

So earlier today, the top story at The Big Paper where I work was a feature on why Adele’s songs make us cry. Who knows? But they do. I agreed. Then a news flash. “Karl Lagerfeld’s apology to Adele about weight comments rings hollow.” Whaaat?

I clicked the link, being a celebrity news junkie, but also because I couldn’t believe that anyone would be dumb enough to make a public comment about someone else’s weight. But there it was.

Basically, the story said Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld made a half-hearted apology for his comments about Adele to the magazine Metro earlier this week, when he said, “She is a little too fat, but she has a beautiful face and a divine voice.” Another singer who isn’t as good as Adele is thinner and more beautiful, he said. Then, when his words blew up in his face, he sort of tried to take them back.

The horse was already out of the barn, to quote another old saying. I’m not too familiar with Karl so I decided to look him up. I found a petrified, perennially tanned face with a long white ponytail. He wears big black sunglasses when he is inside and could be George Hamilton’s grandfather. He is apparently prone to worrying about his image and also recently lost 90 pounds, according to several accounts.

That’s awesome if that was what was best for him. But can he please check his judgement at the door?

I couldn’t resist posting the story on my Facebook page with the eloquent title, “This guy is a dope.” Almost immediately, my very brilliant niece in Washington added a comment: “When will women’s talents and skills be more important than their appearance?”

Good question. My response was, “when hell freezes over,” which might have been a bit sarcastic. The fact is, I thought we had already arrived there. But Karl’s comment, a poignant example of the pot calling the kettle black, showed me how far away we still are.

If he’s that worried about his image, he could bump it up a notch by being more careful about what he says.



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2 Responses to FOGEY, old

  1. Mindy says:

    Public apology is the new black. There’s a reason why “sleep on it” is good advice, but sadly, the ease and speed of modern communications often precludes the opportunity for further consideration.

  2. Michele says:

    Mindy, you are so right.

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