Mindy’s post the other day about meditation got me thinking about my progress in trying to live in the moment and observe the little, beautiful things that can alter the course of an entire day, if you take the time to notice them.

Like yesterday, when, feeling stressed and pressured, the dog informed me she wanted to go out AGAIN by barking continuously and shrilly in the moments before a conference call. That wouldn’t do. So, I grabbed the leash and hurried her outside for the thousandth trip of the morning.

As I was worrying about missing the call, and urging Cali to hurry (which is futile, as we all know, because they go when they are good and ready) I just happened to look up, and saw the most amazing blue sky. Bluer and more beautiful than any I remembered on any other winter day, which I appreciated, despite the 0-degree temps that made breathing painful.

Like Mindy, (one of a million reasons we get along) my life is often frenetic. I’ve been pushing to slow down at this midpoint of life and consider how I want the rest of these years to flow.

Feeling inspired, post-pit-stop and phone call, I decided to browse the Web for inspiration and fell upon the 21-Day Consciousness Cleanse on Oprah.com, termed a detox diet for the soul. Perfect! This is for me. There is an inspirational daily reading, a little homework, and a 6-minute guided meditation that I can access on my laptop.

I close my eyes, go deep within, and work on my intentions for myself and others.

Yesterday’s lesson was titled The Gift of Desire. Today’s? The Gift of Self-Awareness. So, I sat down in a clear moment after morning deadlines and let ‘er rip, breathing deeply, visualizing peace and prosperity, and searching for my center.

Until the phone started ringing. The older child started lobbying for the car. The cat climbed the screen outside the window and hung there, as if crucified, in a bid to come in. And the kettle I’d forgotten I’d put on shrieked continuously in the background.

Hey, I’m trying to concentrate here! Is there any time for just me?

Better luck tomorrow I guess, on Day 3, when I’ll try to let it all go and, again, attempt to concentrate on myself. I think it’s a fitting lesson: The Gift of Release.


About Michele

I am a freelance writer with three kids, two cats, and a dog with thyroid disease. I'm bouncing back from a divorce and making the most of every day. There is so much beauty around me. I am grateful!
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2 Responses to FERVOR and FUTILITY

  1. mmm61 says:

    At the risk of being too analytical…maybe you actually were given the Gift of Self-Awareness. In that short period of “meditation” you were made aware of many of the things that tug at you and keep you from your Self: pets, children, work (phone ringing), and household responsibilities (kettle screaming). So, the Gift of Release sounds like the perfect next step.

  2. Michele says:

    That is a wonderful way to look at it, mmm61. Thank you for the insight!

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