FLIPPING one’s lid

Here’s a quiz. How do you calm down when your head, a la The Exorcist, is doing a 360?  

A.) Laugh it off. B.) Cry.  C.) Get a change of scenery. Or,  D.) Steal the dog’s Xanax.  

No one would have blamed me today if I’d written in E.) All of the above. But I went with A and C. 

To say the day was paralyzing is an understatement. Too much to do. All due at once. Too little time. Outside interference.

Going to the office for me means coming down the stairs in my pajamas and heading into a time warp. This morning, I picked up the phone to get a jump on the day before realizing it was 6 a.m. If I’m up, shouldn’t everyone else be? I made a note to call people later.

I’m good at multitasking. I start the day with a list. Then browse the Web, email a few sources, and maybe even write a blog post, all while waiting for the coffee to brew. And that’s after walking the dog, feeding the cats, and shuffling unwilling students out the door.

But today there was no peace. All phones rang continually and simultaneously. Answer one, miss the other.

One kid was home sick. Up the stairs with Ibuprofen. Down for the phone. Up with the thermometer. Down for the doorbell. All while a desperate dog barked to go out and cats screamed for more food.

Older son’s phone is lost. Contact insurance for a new one. School has make-up work ready for sick 8th grader. Bribe son to pick it up with an extra hour of the car.

In-between all that, what to do first? Blog? Write stories for The Big Paper? Did someone yell Mom? Run back upstairs. Take the dog out AGAIN. Clean up before the cleaning ladies arrive to … clean.

What? NO clean clothes? In goes a load. I take my pulse. Am I still breathing?

This was a “Calgon take me away” day. So this afternoon I reminded myself how much I love what I do, and that tomorrow is another day. Then I rewrote my list, adding on a few extra items to cross off so I’d feel like I accomplished something. And took the dog for another walk.

The Xanax remained in the bottle. I got some fresh air. And I’m ready to do it all again tomorrow.


About Michele

I am a freelance writer with three kids, two cats, and a dog with thyroid disease. I'm bouncing back from a divorce and making the most of every day. There is so much beauty around me. I am grateful!
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