I cannot begin to count the number of people who have passed through my life in five decades. So many friends lost, so many found. Why is it that some last a lifetime, others only a moment?

I believe that many of the people who come into our lives are there to teach us a lesson that we need – and are ready – to learn. Forgiveness, compassion, love, understanding – these are talents that take two to understand.

What I often forget is that I can serve the same purpose in other people’s lives. I, too, can impart wisdom, empathy; can be the catalyst for someone else’s “aha!” moment. I had this experience recently: when a friend unexpectedly wandered back into my life, I wondered what he still had to teach me. It turned out that the lesson in store was one I needed to teach him.

There are times when you need to stay in for the long haul and times when you have to cut your losses. Unless we listen to our hearts – and our guts – it can be hard to know which way the signs are pointing. We drift in and out of each others’ spheres, like planets circling the Sun. Our orbits may overlap only for an instant, but other times we circle ‘round and ‘round in tandem, coming together, then apart. If we’re lucky, we find a traveling partner with whom we create magic.

Is there such a thing as fate? Life is filled with hard choices and “what ifs”: we look back, second-guess, regret, say a silent prayer of thanks. Sticking around doesn’t always seem like a good choice, but you can give up on someone too quickly. Should you stay, or should you go? Only your heart can know for sure. Only time will tell.


About Mindy

I am divorced, no kids, working full-time in corporate communications. There are never enough hours in my day, mostly because I insist on hygiene, food, exercise and clean dishes. Really, how do women with kids do it?!?
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